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Are you a collector of Original Comic Art, an aspiring collector looking to learn more about the hobby, or simply a fan of good Comic Artwork who wants to see some great pictures? How many times you forgot to bid on that Jim Lee Batman page or that Romita Spiderman you were looking for?
Did you discover too late that your favorite John Byrne X-Men Original Art was for sale last month? Do you want to be informed about Auctions and Comic Art for sale in every genre (classic and modern Superheroes, Comic Strips, Disney Original Art, Alternative comics...) and in every country of the world (Italy, France, Spain...)?
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Original Comic Art News

Each weekly Original Comic Art Tips Newsletter begins with news about the original art market: new auction announcements, exhibitions, books and record sales.
Then in a quick recap of last week’s auctions we see how the recommended auctions went: that Frank Miller Original Cover made a new record price? And the Todd McFarlane Spiderman Original Art sold for a bargain? (see sample email screenshot on the left)

Comic Art Auction Highlights

Every week I look at every Comic Art Auction listing and bring you a summary with links to the best lots that are about to close.
2/5 links to Great Original Art Categorized by Auction house: eBay, Heritage, Comic Link and more, A mixed selection made to appeal to every taste and every pocket and to fans of Comic Art produced and sold in every country in the world.

Every Comic Art Tips newsletter is a quick read, in less than 10 minutes you’ll be up to date with everything happening in the Original Comic Art World but, if you want, you can use Comic Art Tips as a starting point to spend some of your time looking at the other Comic Art for sale on every linked website. (see sample email screenshot on the left)


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